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From Swedish House of Finance to the Riksbank – PhD Jieying Li’s new journey

Congratulations Jieying Li, recent PhD graduate who just started her new job as Economist at the Financial Stability Department at the Riksbank.


What will you do in your new role?

“My work will focus on analyzing the Swedish banks and the Swedish financial system, especially vulnerabilities and risks. I will work together with my colleagues here at the Riksbank in analyzing the resilience of the banking system to financial stress and specifically the banks’ credit risk, liquidity risk, and capital strength.”


What appealed to you about this job?

“I think policy work is very important, it has a large impact on the whole economy and society. I like research, but I also want to combine it with practice. This job provides me a good opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge into practice, and make contributions to the related policy implications.

Another important reason is that I took an internship at the Riksbank two years ago, and I was impressed by the knowledgeable and helpful colleagues. The working environment is very inspiring and friendly at the Riksbank. So I decided to join them.”


Will you be continuing your research at the Riksbank?

“I will continue some research, it will be policy related and based on the needs of the Riksbank.”


What’s your most important take-away from your time at the Swedish House of Finance?

“The years of training as a researcher at the Swedish House of Finance has shaped my way of thinking into an analytical, critical, and systemic approach. It has also advanced my problem-solving skills.

Also, it has taught me the importance of being open minded: working together with people from different fields and backgrounds, you get different views and suggestions. I have learnt to always keep a positive attitude and to try and find solutions when facing challenges. Research is about trying and trying until you find a solution.

I appreciate that I was given the opportunity to study here as the Swedish House of Finance provides an open and inspiring academic environment, where females are highly encouraged. I am fortunate to have had professor Mariassunta Giannetti as a role model and advisor, who has inspired me a lot.”