Conference on “Credit Markets After the Crisis”

Conference on “Credit Markets After the Crisis”, August 22-23 2016, in Stockholm

The first conference day will feature keynote presentations and panels with leading scholars and practitioners. The program includes the following speakers:

Amar Bhidé, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, “Formulaic Transparency: The Hidden Cost of Mass Securitization”
Download the presentation by Amar Bhidé
Paper: Formulaic Transparency: The Hidden Cost of Mass Securization by Amar Bhidé

Gary Gorton, Yale School of Management, “Mobile Collateral versus Immobile Collateral”
Download the presentation by Gary Gorton

Luc Laeven, European Central Bank (ECB), “Dealing with credit booms and busts”
Download the presentation by Luc Laeven

Nicolas Véron, Bruegel and Peterson Institute, “Financial sector policy in the European Union after the British referendum”
Download the presentation by Nicolas Véron

The second conference day has a standard academic format with presentations of frontier research papers, discussant comments and general discussion.
Papers to be presented:
Andrew MacKinlay: “Monetary Stimulus and Bank Lending”
Irani Rustom: “Creditor Control Rights and Resource Allocation within Firms”
Mathias Kronlund: “Reaching For Yield by Corporate Bond Mutual Funds”
Guillaume Vuillemey: “Wholesale Funding Runs”
Isaac Hacamo: “Helping the Middle Class: How Interest Rates Affect Distribution of Housing Wealth”
Jennie Bay: “The Cross-Section of Expected Corporate Bond Returns”
Denis Sosyura: “Access to Credit and Stock Market Participation”

Program Conference Aug 22-23


START TIME: Mon, 22 August 2016 8:30 am

END TIME: Tue, 23 August 2016 5:15 pm

LOCATION: August 22 Clarion Sign Hotel and August 23 Swedish House of Finance