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Seminar: How is the real economy affected by higher capital requirements for banks?

Many countries, including Sweden, have raised capital requirements for banks in recent years. Against this backdrop, there has been a lively debate about the appropriate level of such requirements and how higher requirements may impact economic activity in general.

Stephen G. Cecchetti
, professor of international economics at Brandeis University and former head of the Monetary and Economic Department at the Bank for International Settlements, has written extensively on both financial regulation and macroeconomics. In this seminar, he will comment on the changing regulatory landscape and the link between capital requirements and the macroeconomy.

Discussants: deputy governor Martin Flodén, Sveriges Riksbank, and Martin Blåvarg, Head of Group Financial Control, Handelsbanken.

The seminar takes place at Westmans Event & Conference, Holländargatan 17, Stockholm

Coffee is served from 7:45.

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START TIME: Thu, 7 December 2017 8:00 am

END TIME: Thu, 7 December 2017 9:15 am

LOCATION: Westmans Event & Konferens, Holländargatan 17, Stockholm