PhD seminars

PhD seminars are informal brown bag seminars where PhD-students present and discuss ongoing research at an early stage. The seminars usually take place between 12:00-13:00 and the location is Swedish House of Finance, Drottninggatan 98, Stockholm.


2019-03-20 René Flacke (visiting PhD)

Title: Jumps and the Correlation Risk Premium: Evidence from Equity Options


2019-03-27 Andreas Johansson

Title: TBA


2019-04-10 Yue Tang

Title: TBA


2019-04-17 Anastasia Girshina

Title: TBA


2019-04-24 Jiaxin Wu

Title: Private Equity and Industry Performance


2019-05-15 Alberto Allegrucci

Title: TBA


2019-05-22 Hendro Sugandi & Katarina Warg

Title: TBA & Title: TBA


2019-05-29 Yavor Kovachev

Title: TBA


2019-06-04 Berenice Ramirez Hart (OBS: Tuesday – 12AM)

Title: TBA


2019-06-12 Mahamadi Ouoba

Title: TBA


2019-06-19 Ivika Jäger

Title: TBA



2018-09-26 Markus Ibert
Title: Estimating Asset Demand Curves: Evidence from Benchmark Changes of Passive Funds

2018-10-10 Mikael Paaso (visitning PhD)
Title: Do corporate cash holdings cause agency problems?

2018-10-17  Charlotte Sun Clausen-Jørgensen (visiting PhD)
Title: The effects of time-to-signal on a private equity firm’s acquisition and investment policy

2018-10-24  Dyaran Bansraj (visiting PhD)
Title: Wait and Grow: Buy-and-Build Strategies in Private Equity

2018-11-14 Yue Tang
Title: How Equity Market Integration affects Corporate Disclosure: Evidence from ”Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect” by Textual Analysis

2018-11-21 Laszlo Sajtos
Title: Real effects of the carbon tax: evidence from Sweden

2018-11-28  Ed Saiedi (from KTH)
Title: Global drivers of the adoption of Bitcoin infrastructure

2018-12-04 Xingyu Zhu (OBS: Tuesday – 12AM)
Title: TBA

2018-12-12  Henrik Talborn
Title: Conditionally decomposed sLDA for characteristics decomposition and company classi cation

2018-12-19 Andreas Johansson
Title: TBA