National PhD program

The aim of the Swedish Doctoral Course Program in Finance is not to replace but complement existing PhD programs by providing doctoral finance course at an international level to PhD students from all Swedish universities.

The program offers in a yearly cycle core courses that cover at a graduate level the principle areas of finance. To facilitate participation of out-of-town students, the courses are taught in a one-day-per week format. The core courses are complemented by mini courses, which are taught over a three or four-day period and cover more specialized areas in finance or topics from related disciplines.

The Swedish House of Finance uses its extensive international network to invite scholars from top international academic institutions to teach (some of these) mini courses. In addition, the Program offers a visitor program for PhD students and a yearly workshop where students have the opportunity to present their own research. Travel stipends for mini courses, visits to the Swedish House of Finance, and PhD workshops are available.

Doctoral students from Swedish universities are open to attend these courses by application to Jenny Wahlberg Andersson .

For students outside the wider Stockholm area, we can also provide funding of travelling expenses (not meals), in which the application should also include a brief motivation, a budget, and a supporting short letter from your supervisor.

More information about the program can be found in the list below:

Core courses

Mini courses


PhD Visitor program

Head of the PhD course program: