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Master Thesis Award contributed by Nasdaq Nordic Foundation.

The Swedish House of Finance Award for best Master Thesis

contributed by Nasdaq Nordic Foundation



The Swedish House of Finance awards a best thesis prize to MSc students who have used Swedish Equity Data1 available from the National Data Center of the Swedish House of Finance in their work. The total prize money for the award is SEK 50.000.
The prize will be awarded annually in order to stimulate students to work on topics related to financial economics by using data on Nordic financial markets.



Master students are invited to submit their theses, defended at a Swedish college or university during the academic year 2018/19. The thesis must use data from the Swedish House of Finance Data Center, available for download at https://data.houseoffinance.se/. The thesis should be written in English and have been awarded the highest grade. A submission should include a short motivation from the thesis advisor or examiner, and a note on the awarded grade for the thesis. The contact information should include e-mail addresses and phone numbers to the student as well as the advisor or examiner.

The thesis should be submitted as a PDF-file with the name format ThesisAuthorPaperTitle.pdf (for example, if the author name is “Mastermind” and the thesis title is “Green ETF in Sweden”, the file name should be “ThesisMastermindGreenEFTinSweden.pdf”). Only electronic submissions are accepted. You need to submit before June 30th, 2019.



Prize Jury

The prize selection process is conducted by a jury, an independent body that selects and appoints the prize recipient(s). The jury consists of Andreas Gustafsson (Nasdaq), Ann-Charlotte Eliasson (Nasdaq), Lars Nordén (SBS at Stockholms universitetet), and Marcus Opp (SSE).
The jury will pick a winner and a runner-up paper.
Winners will be notified in early August and the award ceremony will take place at the Swedish House of Finance annual conference on August 19th at the IVA conference center in Stockholm.


1In particular Finbas, Nasdaq HFT, Resility;