Job and visiting opportunities

Academic positions

Academic positions and admittance to the PhD-program in finance is administrated through the Department of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics.

SHoF Post-Doctoral Positions in Household Finance

Faculty positions in Finance at the SSE

PhD Program in Finance at the SSE

Phd course program

The center also provides courses open by application for all students in finance who are registered at a PhD-program in Economics or Finance at a Swedish university, more information here.

Visiting Research Fellows

The Swedish House of Finance administrates a guest program for researchers in finance employed at a Swedish university. Applications to become a Visiting Research Fellow is open for all faculty at Swedish universities who specialize in finance, and should be forwarded to Anki Helmer along with a CV and description of research interest and desired time of stay.

Other positions

Job                                                                                                     Date published

Lund Post-Doctoral Positon in Corporate Finance

Associate senior lecturer at Örebro University

Stockholm Business School: Senior Lecturer in Finance (with tenure)

Summer internship with Resility