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Bubbles – in Theory and in Markets

Should we invest in bubbles? Depending on the nature of the bubble, there are different prescriptions for investors. Seminar on 6 February 2018 at the Swedish House of Finance. A common misunderstanding is that academics believe in efficient markets, thus, there is little academic interest in bubbles. This is far from the truth. First, academics […]

An important piece of Swedish history

From the start in 1968 at the Stockholm School of Economics, the financial database FinBas has served both academics and practitioners. It has since grown into a complete history of the Swedish stock market dating all the way back to 1912.   Erik Eklund was involved with FinBas right from the start. As his studies […]

The e-krona project

The Riksbank in a society with no cash. Watch the seminar with Stefan Ingves about the role of the Riksbank in a changing market for payments and the e-krona project (in Swedish).    

Stephen Cecchetti: ”Strong banks lend to strong borrowers, boosting growth. Weak banks lend to weak borrowers, reducing resilience.”

Stephen Cecchetti, professor of international economics at Brandeis University and former head of the Monetary and Economic Department at the Bank for International Settlements, visited the Swedish House of Finance on December 7. He gave a presentation on the topic “How is the real economy affected by higher capital requirements for banks?” Discussants at the […]

Lusardi on financial literacy levels: ”We need robust interventions”

The widespread financial illiteracy we see around the world needs to be addressed – and soon. “We need robust interventions. “Just as it was not possible to contribute to and thrive in an industrialized society without basic literacy—the ability to read and write—so it is not possible to successfully navigate today’s world without being financially […]

”Performing on a world-class level”

Since inception in 2011, the Swedish House of Finance has developed into a thriving ecosystem of financial research. Indeed, a recent evaluation report concludes that the center is a hub for world-class financial research with an outstanding seminar, conference and visitor program.   The activities at the Centre rely on funding from the Stockholm School […]

Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler on Choice Architecture in Pension Systems

What does academic research and practical experiences tell us about choice architecture in pension systems? Professor Richard Thaler, University of Chicago, visited the Swedish House of Finance on 18 September to share his views based on his many years of research.   Watch his presentation here. Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein coined the term “choice architecture” […]

Paolo Sodini, Swedish House of Finance

Seduced by data

The discovery of Swedish data changed Paolo Sodini’s career path. He went from focusing on theoretical asset pricing to being part of establishing the then new research field of Household Finance.   When Paolo Sodini first came to Sweden in 2004 he had his mind set on continuing his research in the field of asset […]

Sanjiv Das on FinTech as a disruptive technology

FinTech is transforming finance as we know it and businesses are struggling to find new ways to reach customers. How will it affect you?   There is a lot of buzz about FinTech and new exciting startups are emerging everywhere. But how is financial technology affecting traditional business models and how fast will it happen? […]

Material from the Swedish House of Finance FinTech Conference

More information about our upcoming seminars can be found here.   A two-day conference that brought together representatives from the finance industry, regulators, and leading academic scholars. The first day featured key-note presentations and panel discussions aimed primarily towards a non-academic audience. The second day was built around presentations of research papers with comments by […]