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”Performing on a world-class level”

Since inception in 2011, the Swedish House of Finance has developed into a thriving ecosystem of financial research. Indeed, a recent evaluation report concludes that the center is a hub for world-class financial research with an outstanding seminar, conference and visitor program.   The activities at the Centre rely on funding from the Stockholm School […]

Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler on Choice Architecture in Pension Systems

What does academic research and practical experiences tell us about choice architecture in pension systems? Professor Richard Thaler, University of Chicago, visited the Swedish House of Finance on 18 September to share his views based on his many years of research.   Watch his presentation here. Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein coined the term “choice architecture” […]

Paolo Sodini, Swedish House of Finance

Seduced by data

The discovery of Swedish data changed Paolo Sodini’s career path. He went from focusing on theoretical asset pricing to being part of establishing the then new research field of Household Finance.   When Paolo Sodini first came to Sweden in 2004 he had his mind set on continuing his research in the field of asset […]

Sanjiv Das on FinTech as a disruptive technology

FinTech is transforming finance as we know it and businesses are struggling to find new ways to reach customers. How will it affect you?   There is a lot of buzz about FinTech and new exciting startups are emerging everywhere. But how is financial technology affecting traditional business models and how fast will it happen? […]

Material from the Swedish House of Finance FinTech Conference

More information about our upcoming seminars can be found here.   A two-day conference that brought together representatives from the finance industry, regulators, and leading academic scholars. The first day featured key-note presentations and panel discussions aimed primarily towards a non-academic audience. The second day was built around presentations of research papers with comments by […]

”Många små guldkorn av kunskap” på Swedish House of Finance FinTech-konferens

Den 22 – 23 augusti samlades finansbranschen, forskare och myndighetsrepresentanter för att diskutera FinTech och lyssna på ledande experter på området. Här är vad några av deltagarna hade att säga efteråt.     Ann Grevelius, bl a co-founder Opti och senior advisor GP Bullhound   – Jag gillar kombinationen av den akademiska approachen och praktisk empiri. […]

Will Sweden be the first country to have its own national cryptocurrency?

Do you want to understand what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are? Professor Campbell R. Harvey is one of four key note-speakers at the Swedish House of Finance FinTech conference 22 – 23 August. Here is his blockchain crash-course.   What is blockchain?   – Blockchain is a distributed transparent ledger that establishes ownership and allows for efficient […]

Anna Felländer om de senaste FinTech-trenderna

Inför Swedish House of Finance FinTech-konferens 22 – 23 augusti tar vi tempen på branschen. Anna Felländer är Visiting Fellow på Swedish House of Finance och digitaliseringsexpert med uppdrag för bland annat regeringen och näringslivet. Hon medverkar också i panelen på temat ”The Future of FinTech” den 22 augusti.   – Störst konkurrens inom betalningssegmentet […]

Institutional Investors and Corporate Governance

On 9 – 10 June, Swedish House of Finance hosted a conference on the theme “Institutional Investors and Corporate Governance”. The conference examined aspects such as activism, takeovers, competition, and liquidity. Participating researchers had the opportunity to listen to presentations focusing on Common Ownership, Interactions amongst Blockholders, Competition for Flow, Influences on Institutional Investors, and How to Govern. […]

Assessing Sustainability in Nordic Companies

This summer, as well as in previous summers, a team of graduate students is based in the offices of the Swedish House of Finance. They are working diligently throughout the summer, under the guidance of Stockholm-based company Resility, to research all large- and mid-cap publicly traded Nordic companies and rank their sustainability efforts.   The […]