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Swedish House of Finance joins network to promote Stockholm as financial center

The network for promoting Stockholm as a financial center has a new member: Swedish House of Finance has joined the Stockholm International Financial Initiative, SIFI. “A good financial center needs good banks, good IT, good law firms – and good financial education and research”, says Pehr Wissén, senior advisor at Swedish House of Finance. The Stockholm […]

Basel III – good for stability, or a blow to Swedish banks?

  The Basel III negotiations are in their final phase – but what will the new regulations mean for Swedish banks? The Swedish House of Finance and SNS gathered a panel representing policy makers and banks to discuss consequences and risks with Basel III. Watch a video from the seminar (in Swedish), or read the […]

Peter Englund, Swedish House of Finance

Peter Englund – a housing professor with his heart in policy

As he joins the ranks of professor emeritus, Peter Englund can look back on a long and successful academic career. Motivated by a strong political interest, much of his work has focused on understanding the Swedish housing market. And he has a list of advice for Swedish politicians.   An interest in society has always […]

Magnus Dahlquist, a leader with a passion for frontier research

A visit to a top university in the US made Magnus Dahlquist change his career plans – and turn towards research. Over the past twenty years he’s been part of building an international, world class research environment at the Stockholm School of Economics. “I’d rather be a mediocre player in Milan than a star in […]

Do Swedish banks’ liquidity risks threaten financial stability?

The major Swedish banks’ liquidity risks should be reduced in order to ensure financial stability, states the Riksbank in a new report. For some time, the Riksbank has been concerned that the major Swedish banks take substantial structural liquidity risks due to the mismatches between the maturities of the banks’ assets and the maturities of […]

The Greek crisis – has it been solved?

We don’t hear much about the problems in Greece anymore – but have they been solved? Pehr Wissén from Swedish House of Finance interviewed George Papaconstantinou, former Greek Minister of Finance and the author of the book “Game Over – The Inside Story of the Greek Crisis”, on the aftermaths of the Greek crisis, its […]

Low interest rates and pension promises a threat to government stability

Low interest rates are good for borrowers. That’s a common statement, but not entirely true. For pension sponsors falling interest rates can be a huge problem – and even lead to bankruptcy. Professor Joshua Rauh from Stanford University visited Swedish House of Finance to explain how pension promises threaten stability. Conventional wisdom suggests that declines in […]

Video: Nobel laureates visited Swedish House of Finance

Why be short termist, if the long term consequences of that strategy is priced into the market? And are corporate raiders good for shareholders? Those were two of the issues discussed when Nobel laureates Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström visited Swedish House of Finance. The Nobel laureates of the 2016 Swedish Riksbank Prize in Economic […]

Finance panel: IMF on economic and financial policies in Sweden

The Finance panel on December 2, co-hosted by Swedish House of Finance and SNS, consisted of a discussion with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Two reports were be presented: IMF:s annual review of Sweden’s economic policies and the so called Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) which is produced every fifth years. Craig Beaumont, Mission chief for Sweden […]

Nobel laureate research: “The welfare debate can learn from contract theory”

  How do you make people cooperate when their interests are not exactly the same? That’s’ what contract theory is all about, explains Per Strömberg, professor at Swedish House of Finance and chairman of the Economic Sciences prize committee, presenting the work of 2016 Nobel laureates Bengt Holmström and Oliver Hart. Professor Bengt Holmström and professor […]