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Swedish household debt biggest threat to financial stability

Longer interest rate periods are needed to stabilize household debts and the market needs a push if we want to change it, argued Martin Flodén at the seminar “Do households and banks take too big risks when they fund mortgages” on April 4. Martin Flodén, vice Governor of the Riksbank started the seminar with a […]

Blockchain – disruptive technology or a hype?

Blockchain – will it be the death of banks, or is it just a hype? Though that question can not yet be answered, one thing is for sure: the interest for blockchain is growing. “The blockchain is making a lot of new things technologically possible, but the question is whether they will also become commercially […]

The Finance Panel: Innovative lending program to mitigate the effects of financial crises

An innovative approach to supply credit during the financial crisis that is recommended to be a part of the tool kit when combating future crises. That’s the summary of researcher Gustav Martinsson’s study of a unique government lending program, presented in the Finance Panel seminar arranged by the Swedish House of Finance in cooperation with […]

Preventing fire sales and market freezes is about putting liquidity in the right hands

Why do banks’ liquidity problems lead to fire sales of assets, and sometimes also a market freeze? Swedish House of Finance’s Jungsuk Han has explored the topic in a recent paper, coming up with some interesting implications for policy makers. Jungsuk Han, assistant professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, focuses his research on mispricing […]

Per Strömberg, Swedish House of Finance

Elegant models and talent is why professor Per Strömberg loves finance

Elegant models, freedom and talent – those are some of the things that attracted professor Per Strömberg to finance, and to research. The freedom to be able to contribute in many different ways, in research and practice. And the talent he finds amongst his colleagues. “To be part of the international community of talented researchers […]

Swedish House of Finance joins network to promote Stockholm as financial center

The network for promoting Stockholm as a financial center has a new member: Swedish House of Finance has joined the Stockholm International Financial Initiative, SIFI. “A good financial center needs good banks, good IT, good law firms – and good financial education and research”, says Pehr Wissén, senior advisor at Swedish House of Finance. The Stockholm […]

Basel III – good for stability, or a blow to Swedish banks?

  The Basel III negotiations are in their final phase – but what will the new regulations mean for Swedish banks? The Swedish House of Finance and SNS gathered a panel representing policy makers and banks to discuss consequences and risks with Basel III. Watch a video from the seminar (in Swedish), or read the […]

Peter Englund, Swedish House of Finance

Peter Englund – a housing professor with his heart in policy

As he joins the ranks of professor emeritus, Peter Englund can look back on a long and successful academic career. Motivated by a strong political interest, much of his work has focused on understanding the Swedish housing market. And he has a list of advice for Swedish politicians.   An interest in society has always […]

Magnus Dahlquist, a leader with a passion for frontier research

A visit to a top university in the US made Magnus Dahlquist change his career plans – and turn towards research. Over the past twenty years he’s been part of building an international, world class research environment at the Stockholm School of Economics. “I’d rather be a mediocre player in Milan than a star in […]