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Institutional Investors and Corporate Governance

On 9 – 10 June, Swedish House of Finance hosted a conference on the theme “Institutional Investors and Corporate Governance”. The conference examined aspects such as activism, takeovers, competition, and liquidity. Participating researchers had the opportunity to listen to presentations focusing on Common Ownership, Interactions amongst Blockholders, Competition for Flow, Influences on Institutional Investors, and How to Govern. […]

Good for shareholders, bad for consumers – the rise of common ownership

Does the increase in popularity of index funds mean less competition and higher product prices? Martin C. Schmalz, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan, believes it does. On 8 June, he visited the Swedish House of Finance to present his work on the subject.   Watch Martin Schmalz explain the theory here   Publicly traded […]

From Swedish House of Finance to the Riksbank – PhD Jieying Li’s new journey

Congratulations Jieying Li, recent PhD graduate who just started her new job as Economist at the Financial Stability Department at the Riksbank.   What will you do in your new role? “My work will focus on analyzing the Swedish banks and the Swedish financial system, especially vulnerabilities and risks. I will work together with my […]

“Sweden has to assert itself more in the EU”

The timetable is set. But the transition period into a new set of frameworks for cooperation between the UK and the EU is causing nervousness, both in London’s financial district and in Sweden.   Jeremy Browne, City of London’s Special Representative to the EU, visited the SNS / SHoF Finanspanel on 4 May to discuss […]

Fintech is making Asset Management more competitive

An industry under pressure. That was the conclusion at the seminar “Investing in a world with low expected returns: Implications for the Asset Management Industry” with Luis Viceira, visiting from Harvard Business School.   Luis Viceira is the George E. Bates Professor at the Harvard Business School. He develops research, case writing, and teaching in […]

Swedish household debt biggest threat to financial stability

Longer interest rate periods are needed to stabilize household debts and the market needs a push if we want to change it, argued Martin Flodén at the seminar “Do households and banks take too big risks when they fund mortgages” on April 4. Martin Flodén, vice Governor of the Riksbank started the seminar with a […]

Blockchain – disruptive technology or a hype?

Blockchain – will it be the death of banks, or is it just a hype? Though that question can not yet be answered, one thing is for sure: the interest for blockchain is growing. “The blockchain is making a lot of new things technologically possible, but the question is whether they will also become commercially […]

The Finance Panel: Innovative lending program to mitigate the effects of financial crises

An innovative approach to supply credit during the financial crisis that is recommended to be a part of the tool kit when combating future crises. That’s the summary of researcher Gustav Martinsson’s study of a unique government lending program, presented in the Finance Panel seminar arranged by the Swedish House of Finance in cooperation with […]